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Screening Reports and Files

Requesting a Copy of Your RentGrow Tenant Screening Report

RentGrow prepares tenant screening reports for property owners and managers who use the information to make informed decisions about rental applicants. Each tenant screening report includes information about the rental applicant that is furnished to RentGrow by one or more credit bureaus and may also contain information about the applicant from other agencies such as an applicant’s rental history, civil records or criminal records.

If you have been told that your rental application was declined or that to qualify but must pay an additional security deposit or have a guarantor (each of these is called an “adverse action”), you are encouraged to request a copy of your current screening report so you can review it for accuracy.

You can request a copy of your tenant screening report free of charge by completing and submitting a Tenant Screening Report Request to RentGrow.

Request Your Report

Requesting a Copy of Your RentGrow Consumer File

If your rental application was declined or any other adverse action was taken against you (such as being told that based on information in your screening report you must pay an additional security deposit or have a guarantor), you should start by requesting a copy of your report so you can review it for accuracy (see first tab).

However, you are also entitled to request all of the screening reports about you that RentGrow has ever prepared, if any. The entire collection of information that RentGrow has provided to its clients is called your consumer file, and may take up to 60 days to return to you.

Please note that in almost all cases, information in an old report that is no longer being furnished by any of the three major credit bureaus or other company that furnished the information to cannot be disputed, so you should not choose this option if you are needing to review your current screening report to address an immediate question or concern.

To request a copy of your consumer file, please submit your request containing all of the following information to RentGrow:

    1. Your full first, middle (if applicable) and last name.
    2. Your complete mailing address including apartment or suite number (if applicable), city, state and zip code.
    3. A legible copy of your government-issued identification (such as a State ID or Driver’s License). Please do not send any original documents or identification cards to RentGrow.
    4. Sign and date your request and mail it to:

RentGrow Consumer Relations
68 Harrison Avenue, Suite 605 #74213
Boston, MA 02111-1929