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Applicant Dispute Form


What you can do

RentGrow is committed to generating tenant screening reports that are as accurate as possible. RentGrow’s Consumer Relations Team is dedicated to processing disputes from applicants who believe the information is in some way incorrect or incomplete—perhaps because you believe the report contains information that does not belong to you or because you believe the information reported is old, out of date or has changed in some important way.

If you have reviewed your current tenant screening report and you believe that at the time you were screened any information about your credit history, rental history, criminal records or civil records does not belong to you or is inaccurate or incomplete for any other reason, you can initiate a dispute directly with the RentGrow Consumer Relations team.


  1. Please read and carefully complete the Applicant Dispute Form. Here are some important notes on properly completing the Applicant Dispute Form:
    • Each field marked with an asterisk (*) is required.
    • When completing the Applicant Dispute Form, be sure to indicate the specific reason for your dispute and be sure to identify each specific item that you are disputing. For example:
      • If you are disputing a credit item, be sure to identify the specific account number or other item you believe is inaccurate or incomplete. Similarly, if you are disputing a criminal or civil record, be sure to identify the specific case number or court record.
      • Be as specific as possible!
  2. After completing the Applicant Dispute Form, gather:
    • A legible copy of your government-issued identification (such as a driver’s license or state identification card); and
    • Copies of any supporting documents (such as letters from creditors, letters from former landlords, or legal documents) that you wish to submit in support of your dispute.
  3. Upload the legible copy of your government-issued identification and any supporting documents you wish to provide and then click Submit.

Generally, you may only submit an Applicant Dispute Form on your own behalf. If you have any questions about the Applicant Dispute Form, about submitting your dispute, or believe you have the legal authority to submit a dispute on someone else’s behalf, please email us at [email protected] or call the RentGrow Consumer Relations team toll free at (800) 898-1351 Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM Eastern Time (hours subject to change).