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Request a Copy of Your Report

Resident Screening Solution

Requesting a Copy of Your RentGrow Tenant Screening Report

    1. Fill out the Tenant Screening Report Request form. Each asterisk (*) indicates a required field
    2. Upload a legible copy of your government-issued identification (such as a driver’s license or state identification card)
    3. Click “Submit”

Generally, you may only request your own tenant screening report. If after reviewing your report, you believe any of the information that RentGrow obtained from a credit bureau or other agency was inaccurate or incomplete at the time you were screened, you can initiate a dispute of that information directly through RentGrow.

Please note that RentGrow does not manage or rent properties, does not set applicant eligibility criteria, does not process rental applications and does not make rental decisions. All eligibility criteria are set, and all rental decisions are made, by the responsible property manager or owner.